The CORNDOWN pt 26: Bob Ross and Peapod the Squirrel

7-17-2020 show. Good complainers AND decent second half retail! What more could you ask for! Special thanks to SPLink and Snappy Bakes for donating after the show and hello to newest patreon corporate! Hooray!

The CORNDOWN pt 23: Super Karate Monkey Death Car

Here’s last week’s show! Certain contributing factor make it hard for me to remember most of the calls but I do remember some fun calls trying to get stuff into lost n founds. Thank you to all my supporters and especially to the new ones! Thank you!!

The CORNDOWN pt 17: Kidz, Don’t Play Wit’ 2 Many Knives

Oh boy. If I forget to post the calls for this long ever again, well… it won’t be happening. i mean it’s been an entire week. I’m severely slacking. SORRY! SEE YOU SAD SACKS TONIGHT. HTTP://WWW.MIXLR.COM/DRAGONMERE FOR LIVE PRANK CALLS AT 7PM ET.