The CORNDOWN pt 24: Garfield Gets Real

CORN DOWN Prank Calls
The CORNDOWN pt 24: Garfield Gets Real

I should be dating these in the patreon. Recorded 2020-07-03

The infamous chicken man call is towards the begining of this one. Enjoy! Seems like this was another one of those weeks where I started stronger than I finished. Oh well. I had a lot of fun, like always.

Thank you so much to my new patreons and all of you who been here! I keep saying i’m about to buy new equipment, but I’m actually about to replace equipment for real. My mic is shorting out more and more often every day.  I think it’ll be OK for this friday but it’s definitely on it’s last leg. Plus I definitely visibly damaged the diaphragm after disassembling it. It’s only gonna set me back about a hundred bucks or so but this would be a slightly financially stressful problem times if it wasn’t for you wonderful patreons! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING EVERYTHING RUNNING.  Next up, I’m going to buy a month of a different VoIP service to see if the lag is better. Getting tired of talking over the callers due to latency…

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